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We are collecting experiences and reports on services for trans* people in Piemonte.

If you have started or completed your transition in Piemonte or intend to start it and have already made the first contact with the service/help desk you intend to rely on, you can answer the short questionnaire that you find here:

We are an informal group of trans* and non-binary people and allies.

Many of us have undertaken or are about to undertake a gender transition in Piemonte. From the comparison and exchange of stories we discovered that our experiences have some features in common: in this delicate phase of our lives we find ourselves having to suffer very heavy violence.

The violence of waiting: in the only public hospital center for gender transition that serves trans and non-binary users in Piemonte and Valle d’Aosta, the wait for the first interview lasts from nine to twelve months. The trans and non-binary population is among the most exposed to the risk of suicide, especially in this phase that precedes the beginning of the transition process. To the initial wait are added those for the prescription of hormonal treatment (at least another six months) and for the written permit (further twelve months) that authorize the change of the name on the registry (from three months to one year for a sentence) and the surgical interventions, if any (about other six months for waiting lists).

The violence of judgment: some of the professionals who should listen to our needs regarding the transition process, instead place themselves in a judgmental position by delaying, setting conditions (for example, the preliminary intake of psychotropic drugs) or even obstructing the transition.

The violence of homologation: every trans* or non-binary person experiences gender in his own particular way. We reject the often proposed vision of a standardized path, the same for everyone, to which applicants should submit.

The violence of the diagnosis: being trans* and/or non-binary means living gender in a different way from the impositions of the hetero and cisgender norm, we are not affected by any disease, we refuse to be pigeonholed into asphyxiated tables. We want to be the protagonist of the choices that affect our lives, our health, our bodies.

What do we want?

Streamlining of waiting lists and decentralization: more resources for trans* and non-binary people. More staff, more centers, better distributed throughout the territory.

Training: staff more prepared, more welcoming, less judgmental. We ask for protection for our health, not pathologization.

Universal access: simplified and free access for undocumented migrants.

Hormones: quick prescriptions for hormone therapies, autonomy in the choice of effects (we want to have a say in what type of drugs to take and in what quantity).

You can write to us: seitrans [at] bruttocarattere.org

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